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We will help you to increase sales through quantifiable digital marketing

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Increase sales through digital channels

Effective digital marketing at every stage of the customer journey will enable you to achieve your business goals.
Increase sales through digital channels.
The purpose of marketing is to increase sales. We help businesses increase sales through quantifiable, tactical marketing at every stage of the customer journey. This is based on knowledge, expertise and analytics.

  • Facebook Creating and managing Ads Campaigns
  • Social Media Building and managing content
  • Influencer Accounting fundamentals
  • Develope Promotional marketing for various product
  • Analyses Building marketing strategies
  • Company Brand solutions
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What Can We Do For You

We focus on our core competencies: enhancing your online sales through advertising, search engine optimization, marketing automation and digital analytics. In most cases, we engage in continuous cooperation, as this ensures long-term development of digital marketing, which clearly improves profitability.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising attract customers and enhance visibility. In many languages, feed-based or hand-made.


Google and Bing advertising quickly attract new customers. We produce advertising in Finnish, Swedish and English, for example.


Programmatic buying distributes your ads on a global scale. In the right context, for the right people, at the right time.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization improves visibility in Google and Bing, increases the number of website visits and brings in new customers.

Email Marketing

Strategy, design, implementation and results. We work with email campaigns to accelerate your sales.

Creative Consultancy

If you have questions, and you are not sure how to continue and in which way - we can a point a meeting and help you.

The Leading Digital Agency for Business Solutions

At Lemonade Media, we work together as a team with our clients. Our group of award-winning marketers take the time to listen to your unique needs. We enjoy doing the heavy lifting while carrying out a seamless execution for our clients.

Run your business smarter with help from an expert in digital marketing, media, and business solutions

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Work Process

We follow Few Steps



Profile Your Target Audience

We need to start by creating a persona or profile of your best ideal customer.



Understand Your Competitors

You need to know where your company or service stands out from competition and who your competition is.



Design the Campaign Plan

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, grow email subscribers, increase online traffic, increase leads or conversions.



Select Appropriate Media Choice

Knowing your audience will help you choose the right media that will deliver your advertising message more effectively.



Plan Your Budget Well

Affordability is highly important when creating a winning advertising campaign.


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Our Expertise

Outstanding Experience

Social Media advertising involves maintaining active social channels and targeting potential customers with relevant advertising that reflects the best aspects of your brand. We help you reach more potential customers through social media with ads, promoted content posts, and core social media language and know-how across top online platforms.

Measurability And Results
Our digital marketing agency can simultaneously track the traffic coming to your social media channels or website and update your social media marketing strategy to yield the best results.

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Award-Winning SEO Solutions

Lemodane Media helps our customers gain brand visibility and increase website traffic through tailored SEO.

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    Increased Traffic

    Our team also offers marketplace integration to increase sales volume and create a comprehensive suite of e-commerce functionality to help you achieve your business goals.

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    Why SEO Matter:

    75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results, which means you need to get on the first page to capture people's attention. We help you rank higher.

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    Page Rankings

    Organically move up the ranks of Google. Our service helped hundreds of companies improve their ranking in search engines like Google and Bing, bringing our clients to the top of results and the forefront of their customers’ minds.

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We generate qualified leads to fill up your sales pipeline

With our Lead Generation Services, you never need to stress over finding high-quality leads. Enjoy a steady stream of leads that your sales reps can follow up and convert to paying customers.

Award Winning Social Media Marketing

Lemonade Media offers full social media marketing service. Our team sets up your social media accounts, identifies your advertising objective (ex: website clicks, reach, engagement), and sets up your ads and bidding strategy to yield the best results.

Our experts ensure smooth social media ad campaign implementation. We help you narrow down your target audience and explain the different options for demographic filtering and ad targeting, create engaging ad copy, design eye catching images and graphics, and choose the best placement for your ads.


Who are Happy With Services and Work

The purpose of marketing is to increase sales. We help businesses increase sales through quantifiable, tactical marketing at every stage of the customer journey. This is based on knowledge, expertise and analytics.